Holistic Coaching

A Coaching Package Tailored Around
Your Needs, Goals, Vision, and Desires

Life coaching is a focused and meaningful process to help you make concrete changes according to your own values—in a short amount of time.

"I reached out to Avromi for coaching when I was starting my business and struggling in certain areas. Avromi through his unique coaching abilities was able to help me stabilize myself, my business and provide me with the motivation I needed to get things back on track. Now I can honestly say things have been going very well and Avromi still reaches out here and there to check up and make sure all is well!"

Coaching Structure

Each client I work with is a unique individual with unique needs, goals, visions, and desires. That’s why I offer one package of 12 sessions, where we spend the first 3 sessions on exploration, discovery, and goal-setting, and the remaining 9 sessions on taking action. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming to me to gain clarity on your relationships, career, health, life in general, or anything else you can think of—together we’ll work towards moving beyond the obstacles that may be in your way, so that you can stand triumphant in your success at the end of our sessions together. 

Session Break Down


Sessions 1-3: Exploration, Discovery, Goal-Setting


  1. Explore your strengths and values
  2. Create a vision that drives you
  3. Set goals based on your vision and value

Sessions 4-11: The Heart of Coaching

This is where we use what was uncovered in sessions 1-3 to drive you towards your goals. During each of these sessions you will be in the driver seat—you’ll choose what you want to focus on during that session, and I will help you get clear on what “success” looks like, so that you can move towards it. 


Session 12: Celebration Session

At this point you’ve successfully completed a holistic coaching process. You’ve gained insights, clarity, and wisdom about yourself that you were able to use to reach your goals, as well as changes in your perspective that have led to concrete changes in your day-to-day life. 


This final, in-depth coaching session will allow us to go over your successes so that you can see just how far you’ve come since our Discovery Call. 

But of course it doesn’t have to end here—I’d love to continue working with you as long as you’ve found value in our coaching relationship, and you have an actionable goal that you can work towards achieving.

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call—you’ve probably seen links to it sprinkled throughout the website—is a free call that allows you to learn more about what a holistic coaching process with me looks like. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get insight on any areas you’d like to be coached on, and we’ll both decide whether coaching with me is right for you right now. It’s a simple, 15-minute, no-pressure call that I am excited to have with you to see how I might be able to help you turn your goals into reality.

Explore your strengths and values

We are often too subjective when it comes to our own strengths. Learn to appreciate your abilities as an outsider. You have successes, you are valuble, YOU are worthy!

Explore strengths and values with a life coach
life coaching vision

Create a vision that drives you

A strong vision helps us stay focused on our goals. It also allows us to choose goals that are IMPORTANT in the big picture and not just pressing in the moment.

Set goals based on your vision and values

Set meaningful goals based on your vision. You are way more likely to succeed goals that are in-line with your vision and values. 

Goals for life coach
Career and finance coach

Career Coach

Relationship coaching

Relationship Coach

Health Coach

Health Coach